Time Lapse Off Grid Tiny Cabin Build In The Smoky Mountains I Husband & Wife Build Alone W/ Log Mill

Published December 23, 2020 917 Views $0.83 earned

This is a time lapse of the tiny cabin we are building this year at our ranch here in the Smoky Mountains of East TN. We are building the 'Raven House' and are happy to direct you to the architect who designed these plans if you are interested in building one yourself.

See what is possible with two people building this alone. Mike is 73 and Lori (wife) helps him with the two person jobs. The only help we've needed in the build was the roof due to the pitch and we didn't want Mike on the roof that steep. The rest we have done ourselves including the solar installation.

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We are a pioneer homestead in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Our ancestors were one of the first settler families in Tennessee before it became a state in 1790s. Our ancestors carved the first hunting trails as Long Hunters and mapped the Wilderness Trail with Daniel Boone. Join us on our homesteading journey in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Sound credits go to:

Bensound - once again
No. 4 Piano Journey - Esther Abrami
Pink Sunrise - The Great North Sound Society
Ocean Bonfire - There Great North Sound Society
Hulu Ukulele - Chris Haugen