Prepare to LAUGH with ME ! says the Lord

Published December 20, 2020 338 Views

Rumble Elijah Streams YT with Steve Shultz and Robin Bullock

@32:00 Lord: I will trap them during the sickness which takes breath away.

@36:00 Robin says: Got your shouting shoes on? Be ready for The Red Sea time of Moses to meet the Elijah moment, yes the revival afire for the generation that screams.
@37:00 Christmas time, Lord said: "You don't think I can change everything by you?... Ha, oh yes I can. I will give you a surprise! And I will give you a surprise too, DJ, and then you will laugh too".
Robin said he didn't know a 'DJ', so he thought mmmm to whom might God be referring? Then he realized it was: Donald John, DJ Trump. So God calls him DJ, I personally think that is so flippin cool. I want a nickname too....from God. We are all so precious in his sight, I bet God has a nickname for all of us.

He explained , The red sea opened for Moses and they proceeded and Pharaoh thought he was a god and that the sea had parted for him, so proceeded too.
As soon as Moses people exited, the sea applauded God for saving them. Then God released the sea to swallow Pharaoh and all his evil followers. God says, watch me do it agian.

@20:00 god had told him years ago, Looks like a Plague of Egypt in time of Moses coming and the evil will use it.