How to Make and Bake English Sausage Rolls

Published December 19, 2020 28 Views

Rumble In this video I demonstrate how to make and bake English sausage rolls. Sausage rolls are very popular in the UK, both as a snack on the move or as a party snack. Sausage rolls come in different sizes, from jumbo sausage rolls for hungry builders and truckers to mini and cocktail sausage rolls for parties.

I always add a little chopped bacon to mine for extra flavour.


400g sausage meat.
1 rasher of bacon, finely chopped.
320g Jus-Rol or similar puff pastry ready-rolled sheet.
1 beaten egg.

Optional additional flavourings:

Pinch of caraway seeds.
Pinch of carom seeds.
Pinch or two of ground black pepper.
Heaped teaspoon of dried sage.
Heaped teaspoon of dried marjoram.