Natural Supply

Published December 17, 2020 9 Views

One of the most beautiful passages of scripture comes from Matthew’s account, with Jesus clearly stating that a genuine understanding of our spiritual heritage naturally translates into a life free of fear and material want; a condition already enjoyed by the birds of the air and the lilies of the field.

It is our understanding and trust in the present and accessible spiritual domain, awaiting our recognition, that fulfills our material requirements; a state that brings to mind that carefree harmony between soul and body that we enjoyed in the womb.

The notion of spiritual progress can become a set of blinders focused only on how adept we are at material demonstration.

The point we may miss in our quest for things is that, from our soul’s point of view, it has never been a question of God or mammon. Our needs are met at all levels. Are we settling for just the visible aspect of available support, or do we seek an understanding of that unseen Source that sustains the soul?

The most meaningful kinds of spiritual teachings are not those that tell us how to think, but those that confirm what we have thought and deeply felt in solitude, others have thought and felt as well. We didn’t come here to wander aimlessly looking for something in people, places, and things that we don’t already have. The one thing that earth holds for you and for me, is the life we intended to live when we made the choice to come here.

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