A Paradigm Shift

Published December 17, 2020 25 Views

This episode takes the position that your soul is all it can ever be right now and you have the ability to experience it, no evolution required. This, of course, runs counter to the soul evolutionist who has never had a convincing experience with the deeper aspects of the soul. We each carry a worldview, a paradigm, from which we evaluate our experience. In A Paradigm Shift we explore a trinity of core values that set the tone for our particular worldview. These include 1) our understanding of the nature of God, 2) our understanding of the nature of the individual, and 3) our understanding of the nature of the relationship between God and the individual. This episode is intended to help us understand our paradigm and the impact it has on our life. Through the use of some powerful imagery, we examine the process of making the shift from a paradigm of separation to the paradigm of oneness.

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