The Myth of Soul Evolution

Published December 17, 2020 13 Views

The concept of soul evolution is derived from the belief that the average individual is presently spiritually incomplete, but is moving toward a state of enlightenment. This belief is derived, at least in part, from forming a false spiritual ideal toward which we believe we are to aspire. We've mistakenly placed the soul on an evolutionary track that is better associated with our biological, intellectual and cultural advances. Our attention has been distracted away from our changeless spiritual core, causing us to feel something essential to our wholeness is missing when in fact it has always been fully present. This shift in our attention from the inner to the outer is depicted in the biblical fall of man, the birth of the false self-image. The spiritual journey is not about reaching some kind of critical mass that tips the scale by filling the self-image with spiritually accurate information. It's about moving the awareness to its rightful foundation of the spiritually sound soul. The self-image and all its many aspirations become less as our values become grounded in the broader landscape of our spiritual reality.

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