Consciousness, Soul, Self-Image

Published December 17, 2020 26 Views

Words and the meanings we give them become important tools to understanding our spiritual journey. Consciousness, soul and self-image are all terms that invoke preconceived ideas that we revisit in this series. While it is commonly taught that the spiritual path involves changing our consciousness--our belief system--this series turns our attention to first experiencing the soul. The self-image (personality, the ego, the surface self, etc.), is the body-centered identity we hold out to the world. It is often assumed that changing the self-image and its false belief system is the focus of our spiritual quest. In this series we turn our attention to the soul, our spiritual bedrock upon which our consciousness is ultimately built. Jesus referred to this turning as a new birth. The Psalmist referred to it as being taught by God. We think of the spiritual quest, then, not so much as a program of self-improvement, but as a process of intuitively based self-realization and soul revelation.

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