The Body-Soul Connection Part 2

Published December 16, 2020 36 Views

In Part 2 of The Body-Soul Connection, we continue our exploration of the soul's relationship to the body. Near-death research reveals that most who have an NDE lose all fear of death, that they are left with no doubt that the soul continues on. Their insight sets them apart, as they see their essence is so complete, so beautiful they can find no words to describe it. Their experience serves as a powerful insight into our own deeper essence. Though some find the continued maintenance of the body and its endless needs challenging, there is widespread agreement among NDE'rs that we are here to live full, meaningful lives focused not so much on what we can get as on what we have come to give. We start with an understanding of our soul, our true self, as our foundation, the rock upon which we build our house of consciousness. We learn to trust our own intuitive promptings over those of the so-called professionals in the religious, spiritual and academic fields.

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