Monday, Dec. 14 Live Stream

Published December 15, 2020 42 Views

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Hour 1

Why are states voting for conditional electors for Trump?

Dominion audit in Michigan is released.

FLASHBACK: Democrats raised concerns about Dominion in 2019.

Hour 2

Obama says he'd be ok calling the shots in the background while a figurehead took credit so he can have a third term.

Solarwinds hack is massive.

Schools buying hacking equipment to crack your kid's phones at school.

Buttigieg, laughably, considered for Transportation Secretary. South Bend locals know how disastrous this is.

Gov. Cuomo accused of sexual harassment.

'Black National Anthem' played during Michigan Electoral College vote.

5 things Trump did for the left they never thanked him for.

Hour 3

Vaccine starts distribution in the US.

Michigan restaurants fighting back against Gov. Whitmer.

AG Barr to resign.

Hunter Biden not cooperating with investigation.