The Body-Soul Connection: Part 1

Published December 15, 2020 67 Views

The soul is timeless. The body is subject to the laws that govern time and space. While some spiritual teachings assert that the condition of the body is a reflection of the condition of the soul, this episode asserts that the body reflects, not the soul, but the ever-changing self-image. Equating the condition of the soul with the condition of the body has prompted the belief that our soul, our spiritual essence, is presently incomplete. The concept of the evolving soul is derived from this belief. The quest for perpetual youth of the body has driven the multi-billion-dollar anti-aging industry, yet people continue to age and die. This episode explores the idea that the body was never intended to become immortal, that doing so would create a myriad of problems. Did we have specific reasons for entering this momentary experience on earth? Rather than cling to the body, we consider the possibility that our natural interests and talents may provide important clues as to why we may have made the choice to incarnate at this time and in this place.

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