Archbishop Carlo Vigano on 2030 Reset Agenda, disgruntled or truth

Published December 15, 2020 242 Views

Rumble This letter was released almost a month ago, based on what we are seeing and experiencing in Democrat powered States, do you believe him or not?

This is a letter to President Donald Trump written by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. I am reading it in its entirety with few interjections of my own ideas and opinions. Please listen to this and to the podcast of a reading of an article put out by North Queensland People Power News Service and edited by CAIRNS News on Canadian Parliment Whistleblower . Please, if you are not religious, try not to focus on the divine mentions, but focus on the intent of good and evil and the PLAN they want to roll out and implement, are implementing.. and see for yourself via logic not passion, if you think what he says to Trump and what the Whistle Blower of the Liberal Party of Canada individual said, is stating or implying something that seems fictional or real, given what you are witnessing today and this past year.

"How long do YOU plan on wearing Masks? The rest of your life?" Not so bad if you are 80, but what if you are 18?? So you will take the Mark of the Beast, vaccine with AI Nanochip and be regulated and ruled by AI and The New World Order? And it is exactly as the words say, A New World Order, in which you are a slave, and no longer will you be Free. Maybe you need to ask what does Freedom mean to you?

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