Cotton Candy! Episode 1

Published December 2, 2020 49 Views

Rumble The annotations that were on Youtube at some point were the subtitles but now they're gone and I don't remember what they were saying. Uhh... to sum it up I guess, Amanda (brown hair) and her friend Emily (purple hair) were at there favorite icecream place and Amanda is having weird shocks which Emily knows about and asks if Amanda is ok and if they're getting any better. Before she has time to answer the icecream place is attacked by 2 mysterious (bad) individuals. Amanda slips away somehow. Shortly after The 2 bad guys try to harm Emily but before they can Amanda sees this and has a big shock which transforms her into the superhero Cotton Candy for the first time. She runs in protecting Emily and busts off one of the bad guy's heads in teh process. Emily recognizes Cotton Candy to be Amanda and asks what happened but before she says anything they both escape, ending the first episode.
the voice of moonlight was by: illusionsdreamsfan
Glass monsters were designed by magicalpockygirl from dA
The ice cream building was designed by foxoffirefilms and mrevilcookiez

I don't think I ever properly finished episode 1 LOL
i do not own the sound effects or music