Urgent News! "This is Treason" Full Video General Flynn and General McInerney

Published November 29, 2020 3,070 Views

Rumble This is the full video of the interview with General Flynn and General McInerney where they revealed the dark intentions of the enemy within and their treasonous acts. About 1 hour long. If you prefer the shorter version you can watch Part 1 and Part 2 separately. Each is about 30 minutes long. Share this video to everyone you know as it is very important for patriots in America to know that we are being attacked both from the enemy outside and the enemy within. There are many who had participated in these treasonous acts, and people must know because our very republic is at risk of being destroyed. These socialists and globalists have no respect for our constitution. In fact they intend to destroy it. The Deep State agents are corrupted and they are willing to work with foreign hostile enemies like Communist China, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Socialist Venezuela to destroy our Democracy and Republic. RINOS are consumed with hate that they only see the trees and not the forest. Their actions benefit America's enemies. They failed to see the greater good that President Trump has done for Americans and America. The facts are as clear as daylight. Never before have we ever had such a transparent President. Even with such glaring transparency the Globalists Media Organizations choose to act as assassins to destroy a good man who's only goal is to protect and make America a great force for good. During his Administration, he has achieve more peace than any other President, yet the forces of hate and evil relentlessly tries to bring him down. It is time to show some teeth and fight those evil treasonous men and women to save this republic. Under such blatant cyber war attacks, hostile street attacks, and daylight robbery of our election system, we must demand that our President stay true to his oath of office to protect our system of government and the constitution. This is no longer about an election, but an act of war against our country. This enemy is far more deadly than any we've ever seen because they act in the cover of darkness, and this enemy composed of both foreign and domestic. Watch the full video and you will understand what I mean. To survive these attacks every patriot in this country must take action. It is not enough to rely upon a few heroes to save us. We must contribute to save ourselves. We must at least declare our support to our heroes who are willing to put their lives on the line. General Flynn, General McInerney, General Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, President Trump and others need our declaration of support. We are all in this together! We must help save this country because doing nothing is like a cow being led by the noose to the slaughterhouse. This is not who we are. We are freedom loving people with a sense of justice and fairness for all.

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