Ep009 - Sidney Powell, GSA, & Durham Report Update - 23Nov20

Published November 24, 2020 272 Views $0.03 earned

Rumble Conservative Reality Check!  A patriotic, suburban mom's frank take on what's happening in this crazy world!

Show Notes
1. It's the plan!  Do not worry, this is all part of the bigger plan. Movement at Guantanamo, Powell is registered as a military lawyer.

2. 21Nov20 update from Sydney Powell  https://api.parler.com/l/9uyAn 

3. Durham Report - Podcast short format sealed indictments from DOJ source- https://video214.com/play/ZKnHmFk9gU3Yltuglv1dLQ/s/dark 

4. Durham Report - Podcast long format- originally aired in April2020. https://youtu.be/Xba2bq6zfwU

5. https://nationalfile.com/kraken-update-powell-to-sue-dominion-smartmatic-in-new-lawsuit-after-separating-from-trump-campaign/

6. Trump Lawyer Press conference https://youtu.be/T8LiGZhK-bg

7. My Take on What’s Next