Getting To Antarctica | Antarctica Vlog #1

Published November 23, 2020 56 Views

So the journey begins...

In this video, which is to be the first in a short series, I document my first season spent in Antarctica. Or, more specifically, McMurdo Station Antarctica. Making a vlog is new for me, but I tried my best to form a coherent narrative out of the somewhat haphazard footage I took. Although this first video doesn't get any further than New Zealand, rest assured some actual footage of the Ice will be coming in later installments!

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SOUNDTRACK (in order of appearance):

The Phantom Below - Moron Police
Gourmet Race (Super Smash Bros.)
Teleconnect Pt. 1 - VNV Nation
Caravan Crossroad - Kumi Tanioka
Asa ga Kita - Yoshiaki Fujisawa
La Tavolozza - Mori Hideharu
A Prayer for Light - Oak Pantheon
Destrier - Agent Fresco
Stars Decoding - A Broken Silence
Concerning Hobbits - Isac Saleh
Now We Are Free - Hanz Zimmer
Ii Tenki da ne - Yoshiaki Fujisawa
Little Drop of Peace - Yuki Kajiura
Inside the Houses (Link's Awakening)
G-Man Theme (Destroy All Humans)
Black the Sun (feat. Bruce Soord) - Daniel Tompkins

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