Does Big Tech Need To Be Regulated?

Published November 21, 2020 55 Views

Rumble Today’s technology and social media giants, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, along with Amazon, Apple, and monster search engine Google (which owns YT), wield tremendous, unprecedented, power to heavily influence our interpretation of public events by pushing information at us that they want us to see, hear, and believe, and also by censoring, deleting, and suppressing the circulation of the information that they DON'T want us to see, hear, or believe. These tech giants literally control what information people around the world see or do not see, and as a result, they can control what we think and ultimately how we act.

Well, so, does Big Tech need to be reigned in here? Are they too powerful? Should they be regulated in some way?
In this video, seasoned attorney from ALL THINGS LAWYER, takes a look at the infamous Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, a 25 year old federal law that Big Tech has been using as a way to increasingly censor what people say, and to avoid liability in the process. And then we will take a look at President Trump’s Executive Order aimed at preventing this ever growing on-line censorship.

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