Free Speech and Social Media Companies

Published November 21, 2020 1,104 Views

Rumble Free speech is the cornerstone of any free society. It’s the foundation upon which all other liberties and rights are built. Restricting free speech is the 1st step in abolishing it, which is the key to bringing down a free society. If you can’t speak out against the government and those who control our technological world, then you can’t stop them from doing whatever they want, how ever they want. While some of the posts, and tweets and videos put out there by some people may be controversial, conspiratorial or completely inaccurate, they should still be protected by the free speech rights enshrined in our First Amendment.

In this video, seasoned attorney from ALL THINGS LAWYER, takes a look at the various ways in which the social media giants, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, censor the speech they do not like, whereby promoting their leftist political, social and cultural beliefs on us.

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