John J. Miller ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 11-12-2019

Published November 20, 2020 481 Views

Rumble John J. Miller

Director of the Journalism Program at Hillsdale College
Writer for National Review, the Wall Street Journal, and other publications

"Living in the Age of Fake News"

The age of Fake News is upon us.

CNN has succumbed to Trump Derangement Syndrome. MSNBC seamlessly merges opinion with fact. CBS tries to take down a president with blatant lies, and calls their smears "fake but accurate" when they are caught.

Can any reporter be trusted? Surely not every journalist is a biased hack...right?

Hear Hillsdale Journalism Chair John J. Miller report on the state of Fake News - why it seems so prevalent; how you can detect it; and what ordinary citizens can do to fight back.

Prof. Miller is known to be one of the best literary journalists in the country. He is a gifted speaker with remarkable insights.