Malaysia Uncovered and Leftist Media Deceit

Published November 19, 2020 92 Views

Rumble Podcast #2: In the 1st Segment we uncover of the country of Malaysia. Understanding this ASEAN member countries can help America built a better relationship as well as define a more effective policy to engage with an ASEAN member nation.

In the 2nd segment, I'll expose the deceit, deception and misinformation by the enemy within. These are the dark forces that has dominated mainstream media into a vitriolic narrative attacking the vision and hopes of America's founding fathers. These dark forces are compose of the globalists (Billionaires), the Deep State, communists, the socialists, the leftist (ANTIFA and BLM), the racists, and the globalist who control's United Nation Organization (UN). Our constitution is under attack. They have gone all out to destroy Trump because he is the only leader that cannot be bought. The truth is this 2020 election was a huge assault on our democracy. The truth is the election fraud was massive. It was meant to change the result at all cost. It was a coup attempt without care and respect for the will of the people.