WHAT DID I JUST PLAY?! | P.T. - Remake by Qimsar (Parental Discretion Advised)

Published November 17, 2020 70 Views


Warning: This game contains violent imagery and sound effects that some may find extremely disturbing.

What up Cynizens?!

I figured I wouldn't wait another two weeks to post my next video and got myself back into the terrible world of horror games. This game (actually a playable demo for a game that was never released) has a dark and messy reputation; the original having been pulled from the PlayStation Network in 2015 over legal issues and even the fan remakes being discontinued by Konami itself - the developers of the original. However, those who got a chance to experience it before it was removed have given it a well-earned notoriety for being absolutely terrifying. It was hard to find, but I was able to track down and download the most true-to-the-original remake that was actually forced to shut down from further distribution by Konami in 2018. Amazingly, this was made by a single 17-year old fan of the original named Qimsar, who remade the entire thing in a matter of a few weeks with very limited Unreal Engine development experience. Even though Konami forced him to take it down from his site, apparently they were so impressed with his work that they ended up offering him an internship at their company.

All I can say about the game itself is...I wasn't ready for any of it. There were so many things that disturbed me throughout the entire thing that I lost count. Not that I was keeping count. That was hyperbole. And ultimately, in what could be the biggest YouTube gaming fail of 2020, I ended the video right when I got to one of the last scenes, because the game "crashed" and "started over" which was supposed to happen. But not realizing that, I assumed I messed something up. However, I plan to do a Part 2 where I play through it one last time with that knowledge in the back of my head and see how this nightmare ends, so stay tuned!

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