2 effective and proven natural remedies for treating allergic rhinitis at home

Rumble How to prevent allergic rhinitis:
The best prevention is to avoid allergens such as dirt, smoke, fragrance, and bed bugs, and "absolutely do not smoke in the home." Lanugo covers

1. Avoid direct exposure to dirt, dust, air currents and cigarette smoke.
2. Not to move from warm to cold place directly.
3. Avoid being in closed places that do not have ventilation.
4. Drink a cup of lukewarm water before leaving the house.
5. Wash the face with a wet tissue before going on the street.
6. People who have to go to work in places with dust and dirt, they must wear a mask or a mask.
7. The nose area can be covered, especially for children, while they are going to school for a quarter of an hour in the morning.