Teaser - Has Mainstream Christianity Strayed From Its Original Doctrine?

Published November 14, 2020 3 Views

Rumble Has mainstream Christianity strayed from its original doctrine? Maybe you are new to Christianity, or maybe you have spent many years in a Christian church being taught things that you accepted as true. But are they? What if you were told wrong? What if they didn’t know better and only taught you what they thought was right? What if they were told wrong by those who came before them? Let’s consider some more important questions…

What if mainstream Christian doctrine has fundamentally changed since the inception of the church in the first century? What if the original pattern practiced and taught by the apostles in the first century – as recorded in the New Testament – gradually changed over the centuries? What if the original truths plainly shown in Scripture were almost completely lost by the large mainstream denominations? What impact did the merging of the Roman Empire and the church have on doctrine? If the original truths did change, is it very easy to prove simply from looking at recorded history? Do major church denominations even deny this? Did certain teachings get changed over time? And did elements of Greek philosophy and paganism get blended with Christianity? Are they still present in the current beliefs and teachings of many mainstream denominations? Today, are we able to distinguish Biblical truths from what has now become tradition and dogma?

How did politics in the Roman Empire affect things in the church – especially around the time of Constantine and following? Did the church go from first being persecuted for their faith to then later seeing Christianity being endorsed and actually enforced by the Roman emperors? Did it actually become not just politically expedient, but mandatory to become a Christian at some point? Was this a victory for Christianity, or did it actually ruin genuine Christianity in the process? Did the church bishops answer to the emperor? How could this have caused church doctrine to change over time? Did this mainstream church throughout its history embrace anti-Semitism – and purposely try to disassociate from the Bible’s Hebrew standpoint? Did the church begin to embrace a quest for temporal power? Does the Roman church and its denominational offshoots bear any resemblance at all to the original apostolic church? Would the apostles even recognize today’s version of “Christianity?” Or does today’s brand of Christianity bear a dangerous resemblance to what the apostles would have considered paganism and man’s doctrine? Does doctrine even matter? Will God hold us to any standard in the final analysis, or does “anything go?”

If Christian doctrine HAS changed...how much has it changed? Is the change dramatic and fundamental enough to matter? If so, where does that leave us today? Can we truly be called Christian if our version of Christianity has strayed from the original in such a fundamental way? Are we actually Christian in name only? Will God hold us to His standard of Christianity and doctrine as expressed in the Bible – or will He accept an evolved and watered-down version that changes the fundamentals of His nature and of the gospel salvation plan? When we really get down to it, if all of this is true…where does that leave us even in terms of even our own salvation? What if the true salvation commands of the New Testament were among the elements of basic Christian doctrine that were changed or lost in mainstream Christianity over the centuries?

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We’ve just spent a lot of time questioning. But isn’t that how you investigate truth? In order to find out the truth, don’t you have to be willing to question everything? If you are not willing to question certain areas, then are you really a person who lives by the evidence? Or are you a free thinker who wants to come to your own conclusion based on logic and evidence? Or are you satisfied only knowing what you’ve been told?

If you’d like to discover the answers to these questions, we encourage you to check out our video study series entitled “Basic Christian Doctrine: The Nature Of God + The Gospel Plan Of Salvation.” This video series will uncover all of the evidence needed to answer the incredible questions we just asked.

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