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Use Local SEO to Rank on Google Locally

Use Local SEO to Rank on Google Locally
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Local SEO is essential for targeting your customers effectively if you run a small business. How can they know how to find you if they never hear or see your name?

You need to figure out how to get the customers in your general vicinity to come to you instead of your small business competitors or those major corporations. You can do this with hometown SEO.

So, what is Hometown SEO?

Hometown SEO is a specialized service offered by Ozark Web Design based around these same ideas, plus a few secret techniques we’ve added to the process.

Local SEO ensures that you're going to show up in the search engines of people who are in your area. It employs a series of sophisticated strategies to rank you high on Google for your neighbors to see.

Hometown SEO takes the principles of local SEO and improves upon them by adding more highly specialized techniques, optimizing them for your business and your area. It's backed by data and research and your campaign is custom-tailored for your business.

How Does it Work?

The customized process starts with a full audit of your local SEO citations as well as those of your competitors.

The audit shows exactly where your local SEO needs to be improved to target new audiences.

Any images or videos you provide are optimized and geotagged for your local SEO in order to boost you higher in the rankings on Google.

The images and videos are then submitted to popular hosting sites, creating some of the high-authority links and rich media citations that you need to help boost your SEO.

Then, hometown SEO adds social citations. Your optimized photos and videos are used on popular social channels, furthering your local SEO ranking.

Finally, all these features (and more) are interwoven and overlaid with Google My Business and Google Maps strategies.

Is Hometown SEO for Your Business?

Optimizing your local SEO is essential for any business owner trying to reach a dedicated local audience.

If you think that you're ready to take your local SEO to the next level with hometown SEO, visit our site for more information or to request a consultation.

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