Hammer and Scorecard: The Whole Story

Published November 11, 2020 4,013 Views

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Hammer & Scorecard: This is the story of Lieutenant General McLean warning of Hammer and Scorecard software use in the 2012 Obama election. But that's not all. He recently spoke on the Larry Elder show and I have included snippets of that discuss. As they discuss specific features of the software or criminal activities it was my attempt to provide a look at emerging evidence from across the nation that is being published on Parler (the free speech network). Live videos, personal testimonies, sign affidavit holders, regular people that are heroes for helping to uncover the Election Fraud we are seeing. I say election fraud and not voter fraud because rarely does a voter committee fraud knowing for the financial benefit of someone else. But election fraud is when the rules and laws of an election are clearly defined and the process is not upheld. Process is everything! An illegitimate election moves to the HOUSE! (1 vote per state, 36 states are republican)

We have evidence of:
1. Discarding or Trashing Trump Ballots
2. Forging Ballot Signatures
3. No Return Address On Ballots
4. Duplicate Absentee Ballots
5. Dual Residence Ballots where someone voted twice
6. At least 1.8million dead people voted in this election.
7. Intentional rigged training to ensure the breakdown of legal ballot counting process.
8. Vote Switching
9. Ballot Harvesting Schemes (republicans too) In all these cases we have hundreds of witnesses, affidavits, video, surveillance, and material evidence.

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