Hammer and Scorecard - LIVE CNN footage - 19,958 Stolen

Published November 9, 2020 5,843 Views

Rumble In this video you are going to see live footage of CNN. It is cropped to protect the submitter. You will see a short 37 second clip of live data updates. You will notice that Trump is leading by 440,052 votes. Watch Pennsylvania carefully. As it updates at Minute .36 seconds you will see that Trump looses 19,958 votes and Biden gains those votes. This is fraud at the highest level. Please submit your DVR recording to @quidyen or contact me on Parler @quidyen so I can find more instanced of this fraud. I need ABC, CBS, CNN, and others to do a manual review and keep posting.

This is not just a localized event. Share and call the representatives in Geroriga, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

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