My Own Journey

Published November 9, 2020 90 Views $0.01 earned

My Own Journey lays the foundation for the ideas we'll examine throughout this series. It challenges the assumptions that the soul is evolving, that the earth is a school filled with lessons the soul needs to learn for continued spiritual advancement. Science claims that water is at least as old as the earth--4.6 billion years. Using water as an illustration, we see how the soul, like water, also maintains its ageless status regardless of when or how many times it takes up a physical body. The body, not the soul, is subject to the laws of time and space. The soul is like a treasure buried in a field, its value fully established now. We discover it and then we "sell" or gradually release all that we own (our preconceptions) to buy that field. We're letting go of former beliefs concerning our spiritual incompleteness and taking possession of the truth of our complete soul.

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