The Romance of Redemption (Episode 1) - Intro + God's Plan and Desire From The Beginning

Published November 7, 2020 10 Views

Rumble We’re going to begin an in-depth video study series on The Romance of Redemption: The Marriage Of Jesus Christ And The Church. This series will explore the mystery of the church as being the bride of Christ.

In order to fully grasp the depth of understanding regarding the plans of Jesus Christ and His love for you individually as a believer, it is imperative that you come to a deeper awareness of the mind of God concerning His church. To understand the mind of God in relation to the church, you must recognize that Jesus views the church as His bride. In other words, the institution of marriage represents the most descriptive example of the type of relationship God wants with us.

In this study, we will not only explore some rarely-discussed truths regarding this concept, but we will also examine some hidden prophetic typological mysteries embedded in the ancient Jewish wedding traditions that reveal to us God's ultimate plan - separating out for Himself a beloved bride!

In this first episode, we will cover:

-Introduction (Section 1)

-God's Plan From The Beginning (Section 2)

-God's Desire From The Beginning (Section 3)

Visit to download the full study notes, complete with references, charts, and quotes.

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