Teaser - Who Is The Bride Of Christ?

Published November 7, 2020 16 Views

Rumble Who is the Bride of Christ in the Bible, and how does knowing the answer effect our paradigm for how we view the Bible, the Christian experience, and really…everything? Can we know God’s ultimate plan and purpose for the creation of humanity? And what was the real reason God became flesh and dwelt among us as the man Christ? What was He ultimately seeking? What was His true purpose for coming? What was His actual motive behind providing the redemption we needed? What was He freeing us from, and what would being free from it allow us to now do?

Was the Bride of Christ the focal point the whole time? If Jesus Christ is the Bridegroom, how should this affect the way we view the salvation experience? And what role does the salvation experience play in the marriage between Christ and His Bride? Is obeying the Gospel salvation plan as revealed in Scripture just a to-do list, or is it functional?

Furthermore, has God deliberately and strategically embedded prophetic types of the ultimate marriage relationship in Scripture…showing us what He really wants? How do the ancient Hebrew wedding rituals parallel the story of the Bride of Christ? Did God deliberately establish these patterns within the ancient Hebrew culture as a prophetic framework for the future ultimate marriage?

If all of this is true… how does this affect our perception of the Bible itself? Does this apparent integration and prophetic patterning demonstrate that the origin of Scripture could not have been from man? If so, what responsibility does this imply for us? If a supernatural Bridegroom wrote a supernatural love letter to His Bride, and we had the opportunity to become a part of that Bride, would we? Was this actually the true intention and purpose behind our creation? Is this really what the Christian salvation experience is designed to facilitate? Could we in fact – in our wildest dreams – imagine any greater privilege than this?

If you’d like to discover the answers to these questions, we encourage you to check out our video study series entitled “The Romance Of Redemption: The Marriage Of Jesus Christ And The Church.” This video series will uncover all of the evidence needed to answer the incredible questions we just asked.


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