Extermination Plan dubbed "Project Zyphr" to genocide Americans opposing the New World Order

Published November 1, 2020 122 Views

Rumble This is Important! Whistleblower David Goldberg found dead foaming out of the mouth in June 2019, claimed to have possession of leaked documents of Project Zyphr, which would crash the economy and eliminate targeted political dissidents in 2020/2021, using the cover of a worldwide viral outbreak.

Edit: https://youtu.be/vAr3515MJM0 - same video uploaded 9/11/2019.

Why is nobody talking about this??

It appears that this operation, "project Zyphr" is currently live and well underway.

I will give you a short rundown since I can't expect everyone to watch it 26 minute video but I would highly recommend that you do because this information is vital to this time and it seems like the man lost his life to get us this information.

-From what I could gather the cause of death is still unknown.

-After he died, most people said that he was killed for blowing the whistle about Trump wanting to go to war with Iran using false flags in 2019/2020

-blew the whistle about Project POGO, which he claimed would use YouTube channels and other online social media accounts as honey pots to Tag, Track and Identify political and social dissidents.

-Claimed at the time of the recording, project POGO was already in play

-Project Zyphr would be implemented somewhere in 2020/2021 with a global pandemic and worldwide lockdown to round up and or eliminate political and social dissidents using the virus as a cover.

-Claimed of the documents of Project Zyphr stated a goal to lock down and subsequently crash the global economy, using the cover of the viral outbreak to have the people of the world crying out for a Global Government and New Global System. NWO

-Claimed to have documents that stated Donald Trump would be declared or declare himself King of Israel.

-3 months after David Goldbergs passing, Wayne Allen Root, said that the "Israeli people see Donald Trump as the king of Israel and the second coming of God" and Donald Trump replied to him by tweet thanking him for the kind words.