Broadsides Against Big Tech Tyranny with Roger Kimball of Encounter Books

Published August 21, 2020 1,999 Views

Rumble Broadsides Against Big Tech Tyranny with Roger Kimball of Encounter Books

The Devin Nunes Podcast


  • Carmen1979, 4 weeks ago

    Love your Podcasts. Who is the group/artist of the song at the end of your Podcast? What is the name of the song?

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    • GaryLovesLiberty, 4 weeks ago

      Hello Carmen. Artist? Former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter. Song? Sorry... I tried but can't find that answer. Rep. Nunes, one of the best ever on Team GOP, answers your first question at 17:40 in the 6/9/2020 podcast episode "Answering Your Questions: California Edition" (listen to all of the podcast to hear idiots scream obscenities and the ever-so-cool Rep. Nunes take it all in stride): Former Rep. McCotter's YouTube page is:

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      • GaryLovesLiberty, 4 weeks ago

        Seriously.... Listen to this podcast episode to see how Rep. Nunes handles caller hate disguised as questions:

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  • Noma, 4 weeks ago

    Interesting concept this Broadsides.

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  • DemiM, 4 weeks ago

    I wish you were my congressman.

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  • Clemland, 4 weeks ago

    Devin, we just drove through the agri belt of the world, the San Joaquin Valley. Made note of all the dead acres of grapes and nut trees due to water rationing to save the Delta smelt....there is also great healthy production of hundreds of thousands of acres of the worlds food in our great state. Very proud of our farmers. Very saddened by the thousands of acres of fires; California burning😢. JanC

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  • johngouldman, 3 weeks ago

    Enjoyed the show. My family is behind most of the 'fake liberal news' you see on Facebook

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  • falconress, 4 weeks ago

    fascinating idea to go back to this format. really enjoyed this, thank you!

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  • wings008, 4 weeks ago

    Socialism is God-less and declares the human being to be an animal just as Darwins ridiculous theory of evolution has brainwashed the people into believing and replacing man made in the image of God as Genesis 1:26-28 decrees upon humanity providing inalienable rights to all who believe and are covered under Psalms 91. pocket Bibles need to include the book of Genesis from now on....the demand is here all-ready to make a stand

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