Trump Says Edward Snowden Has Been 'Treated Unfairly'

Published August 15, 2020 2,591 Views $1.03 earned

Rumble / Trending NewsEdward Snowden leaked classified intelligence on the National Security Agency's secret surveillance on Americans' private communications.
Snowden eventually settled in Russia and has refused to return to the US because he believes he won't receive a fair trial.
US President Donald Trump once demanded that Snowden be executed.
Now, Gizmodo reports Trump said in an interview with The New York Post that Snowden has 'not been treated fairly.'
However, it's not clear whether Trump is seriously considering a pardon. The DOJ and intelligence agencies remain broadly hostile to Snowden.
However, a huge coalition, including the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, tech CEOs, and journalists agree he deserves a pardon.

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