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Published August 14, 2020 18 Views

Rumble OG Circle brings together members of the OnlyGood TV family to discuss topics and changes in their lives that have occurred before, during and after the pandemic. Watch to see how they are adjusting to the current timeout from the commercial economy, the slowing down of the pace of their lives, and rediscovering the skills and joys of working and playing at home. With humor, they tell of things we can all relate to.

In this episode, host Lucia Nazzaro talks with Josh Varozza (Breaking Beauty) and his wife Tami, Heather and Christen Fazzino (The Creation Of US: S2) and Michelle Ray Smith (Green Clean Queen) in a fun, free wheeling give and take about day to day family life and how it has been influenced by the strange times we are living in.

Watch and learn what skills our stars have discovered they never knew they had and how life has changed for the people and pets sharing their lives.

Host Lucia Nazzaro is an Emmy nominated multi-media personality, writer and reporter who received her MSW in Clinical Social Work and is a licensed clinical therapist. Her latest project is WellSeekers (; a socially good focused company offering content and tools to help promote a more happy and healthy relationship with the people, places and things in your life.

Produced by Dani Guitelman
Edited by Kellie Sieban

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