America's Best College Chants

Published August 5, 2020 55,666 Views

Rumble Let's take a tour around the country and find some of the coolest college chants that help define every university's sports teams on game day.

Used during college basketball games at Allen Fieldhouse, as well as Kansas football games, "Rock Chalk, Jayhawk" dates back to 1886, with credit going to the university's science club and geology department. "Rock chalk" is a type of limestone found where the university sits. The call formed around that idea, and the Jayhawk faithful haven't looked back.

Contrary to popular belief, Rocky Top isn't actually the official fight song of the University of Tennessee. Rocky Top was recorded by the Osborne Brothers and adapted by the Pride of the Southland Band in the 1970s.

Oklahoma's famous "Boomer Sooner" chant is used as a greeting, the university fight song, and a callback chant, the "Boomer Sooner" was written by Arthur M. Alden, a student in history and physiology at OU in 1905.

Hotty Toddy and Ole Miss are inseparable. It first appeared in a copy of the Mississippian and immediately stuck. After the initial call, fans yell, "Hell Yeah! Damn Right!" then continue: Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty... Who the hell are we, Hey!... Flim Flam, Bim Bam... OLE MISS, BY DAMN!

At Arkansas the Hog Call dates back to the 1920s when a group of farmers, rallying an underperforming college football team, decided to squeal like hogs. Apparently, the tactic worked and the Razorbacks won the game.

Originally, "O-H-I-O S-T-A-T-E" was the chant. After learning the chant in the Navy, Matthew Sidley joined the cheerleading squad at Ohio State University and taught it to fans at Columbus' Ohio Stadium in 1947. The second part was dropped, and the now-famous chant was born.

Chanted at sporting events and around town, "We Are Penn State" dates back to 1946. Penn State was told by the University of Miami that its two black players were not allowed to play in a road game. The team's captain said "We are Penn State," and the team unanimously agreed. The game was canceled, and a Penn State tradition was born.

The origins of Alabama's "Roll Tide" are scattered, with so many stories of its first use that I chose to digress. However, few calls are as iconic as the University of Alabama's.

The "I Believe That We Will Win" cheer, popularized by the U.S. soccer team, actually came from a U.S. Naval Academy cheerleader, who first started the cheer in 1999 at the annual Army-Navy game.

The famous Florida State Seminoles' war chant is simply thousands of people intimidating anyone who dares come to Doak Campbell Stadium. FSU's war chant first happened during a 1984 football game. The Marching Chiefs band began playing a portion of what became the iconic war cry, and it became a stadium-wide hit at home games ever since.

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