The Doctors Who Are Being Censored Everywhere

Published August 4, 2020

Rumble America's Frontline Doctors gave this press release/conference in D.C. and were immediately attacked by enemies of free speech in big tech, big pharma, and the left. For simply giving their medical opinions and informing the public of another side to the narrative. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google content moderators had within minutes decided they were suddenly informed enough of medical issues to make decisions on whether what these doctors were saying was false or not. Some of us who are independently intelligent happen to think you should be able to hear competing information and decide for yourselves whom to trust, and question the motives of those who are suppressing this information.'s because hydroxychloroquine is generic for DECADES now, and is safe and CHEAP. Costing somewhere around $40 for a treatment course. In many countries it was available over the counter before Trump mentioned it and the Left lost their minds and deemed it to be a deadly poison, rather than a long accepted safe drug. But the alternative that they ARE pushing is Remdesivir, which costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $520 per vial, and OVER $3000 per treatment course, per patient. Remdesivir is under patent until 2035, so big pharma is sure to make a ton of money on it, and of course, the fake-news media, fake-news social media leaders, politicians, and public health bureaucrats (like Fauci) are for sale. They're naturally going to try to destroy anyone who stands in the way of such big pharma profits.