A Nasty Pandemic Side Effect: Murder

Published August 3, 2020 228 Views

Rumble A new Wall Street Journal analysis reveals 36 of the United States' 50 largest cities have seen murder rates increase by double-digit percentages this year.
A new Wall Street Journal analysis shows Austin leads the way. The Texas city and Chicago, Illinois, are the only two to record spikes of greater than 50%.
One significant contributing factor cited is that police departments have been 'destabilized' by the twin crises of the pandemic and the George Floyd protests.
But according to Newser, a mix of other factors appears to be at play as well.
For instance, young adults are no longer in school, and after-school programs and community activities that might keep them occupied have been shuttered.
Incidentally, shootings in general also are up across the US, though other violent crimes such as robbery are down.
Meanwhile, President Trump has been pushing a "law and order" theme, particularly in the suburbs. But polls suggest the strategy is not working.