Nunes Newscast: California Water

Published July 28, 2020 8,928 Views

Rumble The truth about California Water


  • Steve_O, 7 weeks ago

    Thank you Devin Nunes, keep up the good fight.

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  • StewKeene, 6 weeks ago

    MCAG! Make California Great Again!

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  • BobVog, 6 weeks ago

    THANK YOU DEVIN NUNES! My family farms in the Central Valley. We desperately need water to grow our crops, and to continue to provide quality Pistachios and wine grapes.

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  • IsabelC382, 6 weeks ago

    Thank you for sharing this. I had no idea and I suspect no one else did.

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  • JRitzema, 6 weeks ago

    Unbelievable. Thank you Devon Nunes and President Trump for standing up for common sense.

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  • Jayarlsc, 6 weeks ago

    Omg you just answer my wife’s question. We drove to LA several times last year from Roseville and saw the farm orchards drying up. What a lost. We need this state to become RED

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  • Noma, 7 weeks ago

    Crazy. 🤔 Some decisions just don't make sense.

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  • cattyflyr, 6 weeks ago

    ‘81 grad of the then Cal State Bakersfield. Devin Nunez, a fearless leader for CA future.

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  • CloverGirl, 5 weeks ago

    Discussing that this water shortage has gone on for so long! California was a beautiful state. Sorry to see parts slowly dying.

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  • FresnoNorm, 6 weeks ago

    So how can we get 'gavin' flush out to sea? Hey the recall!

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