2 years ago

Meet Ozzy - The Fierce Dutch Shepherd Trained In Jiu Jitsu | BIG DOGZ

MEET Ozzy - the ‘bazooka’ dog trained in jiu jitsu. This two-year-old Dutch Shepherd is a highly trained protection dog who belongs to Erin Leisen, 31, of California. Ozzy has effectively been taught jiu jitsu by Mike Jones, 35, head trainer at Primal Canine. Mike told Barcroft Studios: “I would say he’s the hardest biting dog I’ve ever worked with and then by far - when it comes to the technical ability - he’s definitely up there. That’s why he’s our one percenter, very rare, he’s our unicorn.” Erin, who is general manager of Primal Canine, is Ozzy’s handler and said that he is not a pet but a high level working dog. Erin told Barcroft Studios: “Ozzy’s a bazooka. He's not an everyday dog.” The couple also live with six other dogs - including Zilla - a one-year-old Dutch Shepherd who is Ozzy’s son. Mike started Primal Canine seven years ago to create a new kind of communication and balance approach and said that decoy training is not to be taken lightly. He said: “This type of training is extremely dangerous and it’s not for everybody. I have been hurt multiple times - I can’t even tell you how many times I have been hurt. I’ve had my bicep, pec muscle torn, I’ve been knocked unconscious, I’ve been bitten through a suit, through equipment.” Mike and Erin are proud of the ‘pack’ the organisation has created. Mike said: “We have the quote that I always use is that I’d rather die of exhaustion than boredom and that’s where we continuously push.”

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