Weinstein Victims Fight Over Settlement

Published July 1, 2020 16 Views

Rumble Newser reports that nine women who accused the Weinstein Company of a hostile work environment have reached a settlement of $18.8 million.
In their suit the women claim they were forced to facilitate Harvey Weinstein's sexual conquests.
A victims' compensation fund is to be distributed among the women.
Attorney General Letitia James said the settlement was "a win."
But that's not how some of Weinstein's alleged victims see it.
Lawyers representing several of those women said the settlement is "a complete sellout of the Weinstein survivors."
Weinstein doesn't have to accept responsibility or provide any money himself, per CBS News.
"We will be vigorously objecting in court," the lawyers said.
The settlement would permit accusers to claim $7,500 to $750,000 and release them from any confidentiality agreements.