Akaso - DL12 dash cam review

Published June 15, 2020 3,659 Views

Rumble / Tech ReviewsHere we have the DL12 dashcam that also doubles as a 12 inch mirror when not in use, it includes a high definition 2k camera for the front and back of your car.

here you can the four connectors for the gps, the back camera, a micro sd card up to 128gb and the min usb port for power.

2k Dual Dash Cams, Video resolution is nice and clean, good looking recorded footage.

There's a cable included that you can connect to your reverse lights so when you are backing up it will automatically trigger the back camera to brodcast to the mirror. a nice function that older cards without backup cams can use.

GPS Module Included, which help to record real time location, current driving track and driving speed. A reliable evidence when traffic accident happened.

Parking Monitor & Emergency Recording, Parking monitor with G force sensor for security footage

Touch screen settings and views swipe

Holds onto the mirror well enough

Long 12V power cord

Very Budget friendly for the build quality.


Too much light impairs the video display view and ability to see the menu.

Not a great mirror when the video is off.