Dog learning how to fly

Published May 21, 2020

Rumble The owner got this gift for a christmas present from a family member, but more so for Cora!!! Cora is a English Springer Spaniel who loves to be outside, be around people, swim, run, play ball, cuddle at night and just have a great time. Right now is a great time to be out as the weather is turning into summer with twenty degree weather ahead, might as well teach your dog a few tricks. Springers are very easy to train, and are very good at following instructions. DId you know that agility is a great way to get rid of your dog's energy? Cora could go running all day if you let her and still wouldn't make her tired, so agility is the right way to go.Cora and her owner had been using these tricks for only a few weeks, and with Cora being a very obedient dog, she had learned them very quickly. Agility makes your dog use different muscles that they normally wouldn't, help improve their flexibility, and keeps their mind active. English springer spaniels are normally used for hunting because of how fast they run and their ability to smell out birds. You just need to train them well. Cora is a very well behaved dog, but she does need a lot of exercise or they become very bossy and won't stop telling you what they want. Springers are great family dogs and love to be around people. They are not aggressive, they are very loyal and will stand up for their family members.