Why Comparing Death Tolls Of COVID-19 And Influenza Doesn't Make Sense

Published May 14, 2020 17 Views

Rumble Given their overlapping symptoms, the seasonal flu and the novel coronavirus COVID-19 seem to lend themselves to an easy comparison.
But according to Business Insider, it's not that simple.
A new report from two doctors says comparing the death tolls from the flu and COVID-19 can lead to "inaccurate" conclusions.
That's because the number of influenza deaths is always an estimation, and the number of deaths from COVID-19 is delayed and likely undercounted.
The authors say such conclusions can cause people to underplay the pandemic's threat.
During the week of April 14 to 21, there were 15,455 COVID-19 deaths in the US.
However, the average number of counted flu deaths during the peak week of influenza seasons from 2013 to 2020 was 752.
That's more than a twentyfold difference.