How Helping Prisons Prevent COVID-19 Outbreaks Helps Society

Published April 28, 2020

Rumble Public health experts say trying to control the spread of the new coronavirus inside jails and prisons is a unique challenge.
At least 5,000 prisoners and 300 prison staff in state and federal prisons across the US have tested positive for COVID-19.
While prisons are designed to keep criminals away from the general public, inmates infected with COVID-19 face serious potential health consequences.
According to UPI, people outside prison gates need to be concerned because a virus can easily get out and affect the surrounding communities.
Over-crowded prisons and jails are incubators for COVID-19 because social distancing is virtually impossible. Prof. Stephanie Woolhandler, MD
Dr. Woolhandler says prison staff enter and exit from the community daily, and prisoners must often be cared for in an outside hospital.