On your phone all day? Tips for being more mindful during lockdown

Published April 28, 2020

Rumble / Weird ScienceThe novel coronavirus COVID-19 has thrust hundreds of millions of people around the world into lockdown.
And according to HuffPost, it's no surprise people are spending lots more time than usual on their phones.
Some warn against excessive phone use, as it can harm mental health. Others say it's how one uses their phone that matters, not how long.
When you reach for your phone, pay attention to what you’re thinking or feeling. Notice which websites you're drawn to, and how they make you feel.
Turn off notifications, and make time for non-phone related hobbies and relaxation time.
Be aware of how time spent on your phone is making you feel these days without worrying so much about the duration.
However, clinical psychologist Aarti Gupta says increased phone usage may be a result of our normal, healthy biological drive to connect with others.
If the content you are reading or the person you are talking to brings joy to your day, then go for it — no matter how long you spend doing it. Aarti Gupta, founder and clinical director of TherapyNest,


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