Economists: Get Ready For Another Recession, America

Published April 18, 2020 32 Views

Rumble Economic indicators released released this week revealed how severely the coronavirus pandemic is damaging the US economy.
Business Insider reports recession in the United States is a foregone conclusion for many economists.
Retail sales fell a record 8.7% in March. The last record slump for any month was a 3.8% fall in November, 2008.
Total industrial production in fell the most since 1946, by 5.4%. It was led by a drop in auto production, which plunged by 25% in March.
Coronavirus-related layoffs erased the 22 million jobs that the US economy added since the post-Great Recession recovery starting in mid-2009.
To put a cherry on it, housing starts dropped by 22.3%, and the University of Michigan's consumer-sentiment index plunged by 18.1 points, to 71.