Rare Two-Headed Lizard Eats Worms With Each Mouth

Published April 8, 2020

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA rare two-headed Bearded Dragon lizard tucks into two worms - one for each head - after being born and surviving for EIGHT days. Footage was taken by owner Pannawit Poonwattanawit while he was feeding his newborn pet lizard snacks in its enclosure at Nonthaburi, central Thailand, on March 26. The video shows a Bearded Dragon, or a medium-size desert lizard, devouring its lunch. The left head first eats one of the worms followed by the right head, which snatches up the creepy crawlie in its jaws. Pannawit said his two-headed dragon has been lucky to survive for so long because most creatures suffering with polycephaly die shortly after birth. He said: "Most bearded dragon lizards born with two heads will die, but this is the special case. I am happy that it can survive for so long and he is in good health, too.'' Polycephaly is the condition of having more than one head.