Pet Dog Goes To Work As Motorcycle Taxi Rider

Published April 8, 2020

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA pet dog has an adorable part-time job - collecting passengers on a motorcycle taxi. The five-year-old rescue pooch named Klaharn lives with his owner at a flower shop in Samut Songkhram, central Thailand. But after Nattapong Ngamsanga noticed his mutt constantly hanging around the taxi stand, he decided to make him orange jacket to match the uniforms of the riders. Clever Klaharn, a brown Aspin breed of dog, now sits on the motorcycles while they collect customers to transport them around the town. Footage from Monday (March 9) shows how the dog stays perfectly still in the footwell of the bike while people ride pillion to be taken to their destination. He reaches speeds of more than 40 miles per hour without flinching. The dog then hops off when the bike returns to the stand, where he waits for the next passenger. Owner, Nattapong, said: ''I love animals so if there are strays or injured dogs in the neighbourhood, I will care for them. ''Klaharn has many doggy friends but he's the only one that likes to ride motorcycles. The passengers also really like to ride with him. ''It's like a part time job for him. I made an orange jacket for him to wear, though he doesn't get paid.''