Rescue Worker Wears GoPro To Catch King Cobra

Published April 8, 2020

Rumble / Wild WildlifeA rescue worker used a GoPro head camera to record himself catching a king cobra in a family's home. Rescue volunteer Wutthichai Pornpermsuk, 35, was called by terrified residents to the wooden house in Trang, southern Thailand yesterday (March 1) afternoon. The brave reptile expert donned the first person view camera before searching out the 13ft long serpent inside the traditional style, elevated house. GoPro footage shows how he reached into a tiny gap to snare the cobra by the neck, before carrying it down a wooden ladder. Dozens of neighbours were waiting outside to see the snake, one of the deadliest in the world and responsible for thousands of deaths each year. Relieved resident Chanthana Paiboon, 50, whose house was visited by a snake, said she and her son were watching TV when her neighbour told that she had seen the snake slither under the building. She said: "My neighbour saw the snake stretch its body out then enter the house from underneath the elevated floor. ''He shouted to me to leave the house then I contacted the rescue team to come down and catch it. "This is the first time a snake came into my house. I was scared but also I'm hoping that it could be a good omen and bring me good luck.'' The king cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah) is highly venomous and found throughout the forests of India and Southeast Asia. It preys on other snakes and occasionally lizards and rodents. However, the species is known to bite and kill humans when they encounter them due to the strength of their venom.