Motorcycle Rider Crashes Into Car Then Rides Away

Published April 8, 2020

Rumble / Horrible DriversA careless motorcycle rider smashed into the back of the car while appearing to be busy talking to his passenger. The distracted motorcyclist had his smartphone in his top pocket and a charging cable looped round his neck as he carried another person on the back. He was talking with the pillion passenger while scooting along the busy road in Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday (March 1) afternoon. But dashcam footage from a car in front which was stopping at a traffic light shows how the man failed to nice the vehicle in fornt of him. He slammed into the white Toyota Yaris before allegedly fleeing the scene of the accident, leaving the owner, Ratchada Wan Chansuwan, to deal with a dented bumper. Furious Ratchada said: ''The rider would have seen my vehicle and stopped if he was paying attention to the road. ''Instead he did not stop and crashed straight into the back. This accident wasn't my fault. ''The flow of the traffic was very smooth and I slowed down gradually. He crashed and then ran away without checking the damage. ''The damage is not much but he should take responsibility for it.''