Golden Retriever Puppy Falls Asleep In His Own Water Bowl

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Have you ever thought that there could be something more adorable than a sleeping puppy? Maybe this adorable puppy that falls asleep in its own bowl of water! People who have puppies as a pet know that they like to sleep a lot. In fact, puppies spend most of the day sleeping. Some puppies are more careful than others and know where to lie down to sleep, others just fall asleep anywhere, even over a bowl of water. This adorable Golden Retriever puppy falls asleep in its own container of water. Obviously, this puppy is very tired and just thought it was bedtime. The fun part is when it starts to bubble in the water. Puppies are the most adorable animals in the world!

When you adopt a puppy, everything changes. You know you should take care of it and pay attention to everything that happens. If it is very small, you cannot take it out of the house until the end of the first series of vaccinations and you are aware that your little dog is very delicate. It is possible that everything scares you at first, since you have no experience with these little ones. But when your puppy comes home, you notice that it eats little and sleeps a lot. It surprises you, since you expected to have a mischievous and playful little boy or girl running around all day. However, what happens is that your new friend spends the day sleeping. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal.

Puppies sleep a lot, this is totally normal. During the first twelve weeks of life, they can sleep between eighteen and twenty hours a day, waking up only to eat and falling asleep again right away. This is so because their body is developing. Starting at twelve weeks, the puppy begins to have longer and longer periods of activity. It is convenient that you do not wake up your puppy when he sleeps, since it needs those hours of sleep to develop properly. Be patient, starting from three months of age it will begin to be more playful.

It is important to control the weight of the puppies. After birth the pups gain between two and three grams a day. At ten or twelve days they double the weight they had at birth. If the puppy does not gain weight, you should go to the vet to find the reason and take the necessary actions.

It is necessary to supply them with several small feedings a day so that they feed properly. If your puppy gains weight, you should not worry, he is feeding properly. However, if you notice that it loses or does not gain weight, moans continuously, shows apathy or decreases its temperature, go to the vet.

Up to six months of age, you should give it a minimum of three meals a day with the recommended daily amounts. It is advisable that you consult your vet to adjust the dose to your little one, since in the feed bags the amounts correspond to general guidelines. From six months of age, you can give it two meals a day.

Alfie is so tired, fell asleep in the water bowl. The best part was when he started blowing bubbles!


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