Pet Dog Fakes Injury To Get Attention

Published March 3, 2020

Rumble A cheeky pet dog has learned how to fake an injury to get attention from his owner and her restaurant customers. The one-year-old French Bulldog named Mike drags himself along the ground before springing to his feet and bounding away. He was filmed showing off his deceptive trick at the food business in Krabi, southern Thailand, last Wednesday (Feb 19). Mike's owner, Unruen Katemek, 41, said she received the Frenchie three months ago from a a friend, who couldn't handle his constant demands for affection. The chef said her clingy pooch has started doing they injury act realising it will get her attention and cuddles. She said: "Mike has always been needy and clingy. He wanted me to play with him all the time and would be upset if I couldn't soothe him. I have to pet him regularly, even when I'm busy. "There was one time he came to me crawling on his belly and it shocked me as I thought he was hit by a car, so I gave him a lot of love. But after I paid attention to him, he walked normally again. "After that he would always act like he was hurt, because he knew it could draw my attention towards him. He also does it in front of my customers as well. "The customers really like him for his silly ways. Besides playing with me or the customers he will spend his time eating. His favourite foods are milk and tuna."